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Alpenglow Clinic LLC's mission is to staff our clinic with skilled, compassionate therapists that provide effective, multidisciplinary treatment for those suffering from alcohol, opiate and/or narcotic addictions with or without co-existing mental health disorders. 
Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to ensuring each client receives individualized treatment facilitating life-long sobriety and well-being. 

Meet the Owners

Dedicated to Your Success



Chad holds his Master's in Psychotherapy, specializes in Addiction Therapy, and is passionate about his profession.  He is also DUI ACT Certified and conducts Alpenglow's DUI ACT Program and Prime for Life Courses. Chad teaches, counsels, and educates with enthusiasm and charisma.  He wholeheartedly believes in the inherent goodness of mankind and that addicts can find full sobriety leading them to fulfilled, empowered lives. 
Chad's family roots are in Eastern Montana, so he is a true Montana boy that adores Glacier National Park & thrives on mountainous adventures.
Katheryn, also known as "Kat", owner of Alpenglow and life-long Flathead Valley resident, holds her License of Addiction Counseling from FVCC and is a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Kat is dedicated to providing a clinic based on honor and virtue; doing what is in the best interest of her clients. Kat is a Montana girl that loves Whitefish and thrives on outdoor adventures.

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